What makes PM to endorse an embezzler evangelist but maintain the distance from accused Hindu Gurus?

PM Meeting with KP Yohannan, an alleged fraudster

Last week on 18th March 2016, PM Narendra Modi proudly announced about a wonderful meeting with an embezzler evangelist KP Yohannan through his official twitter handle

Indeed, this prompt move to endorsement by PM cause a point of distrust for those who are battling to bar the rampant conversion by forcible, allurement by Christian Evangelic Organisations and compel them to think that what makes him so comprised?  

We must know about KP Yohannan. He is self-consecrated bishop and founder president of the giant Gospel for Asia (GFA) mission organisation and of Believers' Church in India. Believer’s church which receives nearly 200 crore Rs. every year, is the second most foreign fund receiving NGO after World Vision Organisation. KP Yohannan is currently facing the legal action in America for the embezzlement of donation through his large chain of charitable missionaries. His organisation has raised big amount money from US citizens for charitable operations on India and other Asian nations which is being diverted into his multi-billion businesses, comprising real estate, education and commercial plantation. A petition has been filed at the district court of Arkansas in US which sought the irregularities of $43 million in financial accounting. Further, the complaint contains many more such fraud by K.P. Yohannan who is a one of the major donors of the political parties and mainstream media at his home state of Kerala.

KP Yohannan has brought 2300 acres land for commercial plantation of rubber and the the Cheruvally Rubber Estate, in Kerala, Carmel Engineering College, a for-profit undergraduate institution in Kerala, Believers’ Church Medical College hospital, a for-profit 500-bed teaching hospital, at least six for-profit primary schools in Kerala and sponsorship of a football club.

The person who proudly stated that “one of the greatest opportunities God has given us to share his love with people” and carried out the vicious agenda of “love” when Orissa hit out by Tsunami in 2004 and the thousands of people were died and missing. The taking the advantage of natural catastrophic condition is not hidden. GFA deployed his thousand numbers of his missionaries for converting innocent children and the victims of Tsunami.

So, These gestures of PM Narendra Modi draws flak by the scholars, writers and activists who are constantly covering on the murky operations of such evangelic agencies. The co-author of the best-selling ‘Braking India’ Arvindan Neelkandan wrote - “This is unsettling to say the least. The man K.P. Yohannan has a long history of abusing Indian culture and spirituality. He is part of the forces we unmask in our book 'Breaking India'. Yohannan calls Hinduism as the device through which Satan enslaves India. I wonder what 'meaningful' dialogue Narendra Modi had with such a character.  What is really worrying is that there are people close to Prime Minister who can make this meeting possible and get this charlatan evangelist (forgive the redundancy) such a photo-op. SICKENING!”

PM allowing himself to meet with such fraudster leaves devout Hindu cadre in deep pain other side he is constantly maintaining the distance on the matter of Hindu Gurus & Sadhvis like Sant Asaram Bapu, Sadhvi Pragya and other cops like DG Vanzara who have been conspired by such opposite forces. Earlier, same evangelic lobby made the hue and cry about an orchestrated church attacks issue and PM bent down to hear the hard from them. These symptoms are not good !

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