Feminist NGO Kalpana’s Role Stays ‘Dubious’

Amazing: NGOs are gathering for crusade against Asaram Bapuji from last few years. Courtesy: The Associated Press

Anti-Hindu, Moment-Busters, Reactionaries, Foreign Funded Hypocrite Feminists and Proselytization Agents. NGOs are in limelight for once again fraud gets exposed. Here, are the mysterious NGO links in Sant Asaram Bapuji’s case.

Since several decades, the direct role of foreign funded missionaries (now, alias NGOs) in attacking Hinduism to promote their Conversion Agenda isn’t unknown Missionaries, television evangelists, lib-tards and pseudo-atheists with vested interests and MNCs have toiled painstakingly against every single Hindu saint in the country by promoting vilification campaigns and propagandas. Last year a well-known spiritual Guru Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu was framed in a sexual molestation case and his entire family’s character assassination was carried out by the media, in one of the most cruel and barbaric manner ever.

Thus without any affiliation to the authentic body, how did this NGO file a report on behalf of the girl at the Police station with a Running FIR?

While the final verdict is still at the discretion of the court, in order to expose such skeptical and bogus NGOs and to address many other incidents of injustice to Bapuji in this case, a Press Conference was held in Mumbai on 21st, Nov by Hindu Vididanya Parishad (HVP) and SAFSAC.

In this PC, many vital issues were raised which hinted towards the formation of a significant part of a larger conspiracy in Asaram ji Bapu’s Case. Here, are the key revelations made over there -
After FIR of so the called rape case was lodged at morning 2:30 am in Kamala Market Police Station Delhi after 5 days of said incident; the lady convener of an NGO named 'Kalpana' was called up to do a counselling of the so called victim girl in the morning; she counselled her and submitted a counselling report, which is considered as a part of evidence in the investigation and so has been included in the charge-sheet.

However, this phase was pivotal and important phase of a case obviously because the genuineness of the whole case depended very much on the authenticity of thisparticular reportfiling phase.If we look into this carefully, several loopholes are evident. When submitting the Counselling report, “Zero FIR” was being filed in Delhi and still FIR waiting to be transferred to Jodhpur, then how on earth did the secret FIR No. of Jodhpur was mentioned in Delhi Counselling report submitted by the Delhi NGO Kalpana, just one day before writing the FIR @ Delhi?


The No. of Jodhpur FIR was supposed to take birth only after it is transferred to Jodhpur from Delhi, but this feminist NGO (which seems to be in connection with Foreign Funded Organisations) NGO already knew the FIR number and this was the trigger point that raised eyebrows.


Convener of this NGO Kalpana, Mrs. Kiran Jha has deposed in trial court that its registered with the State Women Commission Delhi for such counselling the victims of rape cases under CICs scheme. But an RTI completely exposed these false claims and even stated that this NGO Kalpana wasn’t registered with Delhi Women commission ever.


Thus without any affiliation to the authentic body, how did this NGO file a report on behalf of the girl at the Police station with a Running FIR?


Another major revelation was made in the deposition of Kiran Jha before court, which is during its 10 years of functional operations; the said NGO hasn’t opened even a single bank account or have a PAN, then forget about filing tax returns!!!!


The registration of this was on 28th August, 2004, a Saturday. The RTI reply mentions that the Registrar of Societies with whom it was registered observed only five working days! Then how did the registration take place on a Saturday?


Due to these irregularities, it becomes quintessential to know about its past working. When Kiran Jha was interrogated in the Jodhpur Sessions Trial Court about the number of rape cases she had reported earlier, she was unable to name even a single one. Yet it played a predominant role in Pujya Bapu’s Case.

All the aforesaid authentic and verified reasons infer a very strong role of the NGO in Bapuji’s case.

This isn’t the first time that NGOs have acted against, maligned and defamed Bapu Ji. If we look into the very first controversy against the Ashram in 2008 involving the death of two children, various protest movements were conducted which were led by such suspicious NGOs. These activities by NGOs even provoked the ordinary people of Ahmedabad to observe City-Bandh and these NGOs were involved in attacking the disciples during Guru-Purnima Festival when the discourse was being organised.

The honourable D.K. Trivedi Commission was constituted to probe the matter of the two Children's death, an NGO named ‘Jagega Gujarat Sangharsh Samiti’ was revealed for doing such aforementioned malicious activities to influence the case.

Not only in this, but all controversies like Damini Case/ Water Wastage during holi , representative of such fraudulent NGOs, pseudo Atheists and sickular feminists like Vrinda Grover and Bindi bigrade actresses like Khushboo who recently joined congress have been very keen in participating in all anti-Hindu Debates and acted as purists. It is needless to say that the Saudi and Vatican Fed Presstitutes and Paid Media Crooks and Editors who incessantly sway public opinion; have provided a free podium that acts as a catalyst to hype up and fabricate anti-Hindu stories.

References : RTI Reply by DCW, RTI Reply by Society Registrar, and Deposition of Kalpana NGO’s convener at Trial Court.

Dhaval Mehta
Dhaval Mehta is a software engineer and has years’ experience in organising social campaigns. He moderates Jan-Satyagrah and loves investigative writing.

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