Republic remained a much-awaited channel for last few months and was in trends in Social Media and YouTube. Finally, it launched with very unconventional way on last weekend; in a sense, it has been attacking to top political leaders and tried to expose them. With some evidence of tapes, the channel is shouting round the clock to crackdown on accused. Apparently, the veracity of these tapes aren’t yet confirmed, even though the way channel is portraying them seems like they’re very much confidence in them.

However, the channel is gaining its TRP rapidly, and has managed to make the trends of their hashtags; which naturally gives some jealously to its competitors, the other English News channels. Some are found desperately reacting on Social Media, trying to justify it as bias or unfair.

The harshest reaction that attracted a controversy was of Rahul Kanwal; he tweeted a screenshot of some page named after BJP, which was having a welcome message for Republic TV. Thus, he depicted Republic as BJP sponsored channel, but his claimed was easily falsified as the page found no official link with BJP. His India Today group seems scared of even of Republic campaign. So, to counter in guerilla manner on ad space was observed. Sagarika Ghose also jumped into this controversy as if she was desperately waiting to defame Republic, and had retweeted it.

How Rajdeep Sardesai would make himself away to this Republic launching trends! He did not lose a chance to attack Republic, with his all-time same example for Arnab as ‘Supari Journalism’ in Bollywood style.

Perhaps, the Times Now channel would suffer more pain than above all as Arnab lobbied some top journalists from its team, at a time when he was Editor-In-Chief. Aditya Raj Kaul, a former Principal Correspondent with Time Now is with Republic now. In addition, Prema Sridevi, who exposed Lalit Gate and Ishrat Jahan case, has also joined the Republic. She made her maiden reporting with revealing Sunanda Tharoor tapes.

On the other side, there are also some objections over the funding of Republic TV. As its Managing Director, Rajeev Chandrasekhar is connected with political parties and several other defense businesses. Currently, he is Kerala NDA Vice-Chairman, and a member of the Parliament Standing Committee on Defence and Consultative Committee on Defence. With this portfolio, he also owns Jupiter Capital Company and has a contract of many defense projects with Air force, etc. Therefore, the questions are whether Republic would be able to stand neutral politically, and when time comes to the conflict of interest?

On its maiden day, Republic found attacking Lalu Prasad whole day over his phone conversation with his man Shahabuddin. The story was claimed exclusive of Republic, but it already went public way back at a time of last Bihar election over the Social Media. Then how it would be claimed as exclusive and breaking news, that's the question!

Thus. Arnab’s republic takes-off but Lutyen’s media gangs up for war against him.

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