For last few months, we have witnessed that in different parts of the India, terrorist outfits could succeed to radicalize several youths.These youths are now missing as 'supposed' to join ISIS and others. 

Earlier, this kind of recruitment for terrorist training is mainly being found in Northern part i.e. Jammu & Kashmir. But since ISIS emerged, the Muslim youth from all over like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh etc. were identified as being radicalized for Jihadi terror, moreover, and some already went to Syria to get Training with ISIS for that.

Now the news came out that terror networks funded by Dawood are getting spread in the West Bengal region. The information collected through ‘most wanted terrorist’ Hussein Anwar who is recently arrested by Special Task Force. The person is also a member of Shahid Brigade who is allegedly working with Dawood-funded Sahadat-i-Hikma, a terror outfit of Bangladesh.

In interrogation, Hussein disclosed to STF that he was assigned the job to recruit terror moles and export them to Bangladesh for training in camps, where he was also trained. Soon NIA will also interrogate him and will try to find out about his links with Khagragarh blast and possible others. After this revelation, Intelligence agencies also suspects a connection of mastermind Abu Bakr, a teacher from Simulia Madarsa of Burdwan with Dawood.

A few days ago the Central Board of Direct Taxes, had also seized 80 crores running in Hawala from Kolkata and Siliguri allegedly to be used for terrorism in the region. Later its link to Dubai was also unveiled. Further, the Intelligence Agencies are trying to search its connection with Dawood.

All in all, it’s a grave threat to the nation for the manner in which such terrorist activities are growing in all over the country, which has understood to know during the investigation by the NIA.

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