It was Dadri issue first where our evergreen secular brigade laid down the confusion over the meat or beef, but all went in vain. The truth has prevailed that was beef only. Later, they impose the charges of the JNU video were 'Not Genuine.' But What happened, they exposed themselves when forensic tests cleared out their allegation. And the Latest was Kairana but now it too collapses like the sand castle.

Kairana controversy which was happened to see in thiJune after having claims of Hindu exodus from the area is now also verified by the report published by NHRC recently. The said Report which was prepared by the fact-finding team from the ground suggests that the earlier claims of over 250 Hindu families fled from the Kairana due to increasing threat and influence of the particular Muslim community were factually correct.

For the verification of the list of migrated families prepared by the local BJP MP Hukum Singh, the fact-finding team had picked up few entries and approached them; some who were migrated in nearby localities were approached in-person, and some who were migrated to distant areas, were approached telephonically; but almost all have confirmed about the communal reason one for their migration. Moreover, most of the witnesses who were questioned during this inquiry process put forth the specific problem of harassment of Hindu females by the Muslim youth. They were abusing women on the streets, which made them unable to go outside of their houses.

The situation started becoming such volatile once Muslim population started increasing exponentially in the area, especially after the Muzzafarnagar riots which had witnessed in 2013. Allegedly there were more than 25,000 members of the minority community resettled, which led to a major demographic shift in the Kairana region. And this migration was the root-cause of Kairana exodus as per what the witnesses stated during the investigation.

Earlier the said issue was taken up very seriously by some of the news channels like Zee News, News X and India TV; and reported the actual cause which is communal one, and thus they highlighted the Human rights violation on these fled Hindu families. But as usual on the other hand, some Media Houses of fringe secular battery and favorite of Award Wapsi league like NDTV, India Today, News Laundry started reporting the other way around and published concocted stories from the ground. The so called reporters like Piyush Babele, India Toda had put their all efforts to hide the actual communal issue, and captured manipulated interviews, and started giving it a color of economic and local robbery issues. Among these media houses, India Today published a fabricated cover story, same way NDTV took some interviews, and News laundry published special columns to falsify the true claims of Communal issue. 

By taking a selective and fabricated ground reporting, they attempted to divert the attention of the country. Such misreporting is a major wrongdoing as it was against the interest of the hundreds of families who were intimidated and weren't protected by the administration and consequently had lost their houses and properties. And on the other hand, it also gives encouragement to the criminals who had created such type of oppressive condition for the Kairana Hindu families. But at last, now they proved biased after NHRC report has cleared the real ground situation in Kairana.

NHRC Report:

The report, conducted by a four-member team comprising deputy SP Ravi Singh and inspectors Suman Kumari, Saroj Tiwari, and Arun Kumar, NHRC found that that over 250 Hindu families had indeed left the town due to fear of the members of a particular community which was "in the majority in the area."

"At least 24 witnesses stated that the youths of the specific majority community (Muslims in this case) in Kairana town pass lewd/taunting remarks against the females of the particular minority community in the city. Due to this, women of the particular minority community (Hindus) in Kairana town avoid going outside frequently. However, they could not gather the courage to report the matter to the police for the legal action," the report said.

NHRC's deputy director (media & communication) Jaimini Kumar Srivastava told media, "During the inquiry, our team visited different places in Kairana town, Muzaffarnagar, and Panipat in Haryana. The team also examined relevant witnesses, victims, independent witnesses, police and administrative officials concerned. Copies of relevant records were also obtained and analyzed. The team received a list of 346 displaced families/persons from Kairana MP Hukum Singh's personal secretary. Out of that list, three residential localities were selected and at least six alleged victims/displaced families/persons were randomly chosen for verification.The team also had telephonic confirmation from at least four displaced families mentioned in the list, who had migrated to distant places like Dehradun (Uttarakhand) and Surat (Gujarat)."

The report said the resettlement of over 25,000 members of the minority community in the aftermath of the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots had led to a significant change in the demography of many towns in the region, including Kairana. "Most of the witnesses and victims feel that the rehabilitation in 2013 has permanently changed the social situation in Kairana town leading to further deterioration of law and order in the area," the report said.

So finally, the Kairana Chapter disclosure, is this not the tendency of Secular Brigade that grown recently to rationalize every issue that exposes their bigotry? It's needed to detect before some other issue begets to make a ruckus in country's deliberation agenda.

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