On the occasion of One Belt One Road summit(OBOR), the so-called socio-political activist, Mr. Sudheendra Kulkarni could successfully put himself in the limelight by going against the Nation’s narrative once again. It happened after he tweeted few photos of his presence in the OBOR summit at Beijing, China. 

This self-publicity of to portray himself as a recognized part of a think-tank on the global forum attracted a lot of criticism over Twitter and other platforms. The first harsh reaction came from Rishi Kapoor as below;

But to defend Kulkarni, his allies were already ready from the media fraternity, who didn’t question his so called byplay, but  objected  to Mr. Kapoor without fail like this;

As it was already known, India had boycotted the OBOR summit organized on 14th & 15th May over the issue of CPEC planned through PoK.  Thus, by refusing to attend the summit, India wanted to express its strong reservation over CPEC and wanted to put diplomatic pressure on China. But by attending OBOR summit, persons like Sudheendra Kulkarni and Srikanth Kondapalli from so-called Peacenik lobby tried to legitimize the OBOR initiative by China. 

Thus there was a deliberate attempt to create the binary into the OBOR narrative and by this to weaken the stand taken by Govt. By doing such disruption, they were questioning the India’s claim of its own sovereignty over the PoK issue.

By participating in the discussion over Global Think Tank Summit, they gave the message to the World that we as a nation doesn’t stand united over striving for our own sovereignty.
As far as Mr. Kulkarni is concerned, he has been one of the most frustrated people since BJP came to power under the leadership of Modi. Being a former Political Advisor to Advani, it was likely that if BJP govt were under Advani’s leadership, then Kulkarni would have one of the top roles to play like NSA, etc. But his hope was ruined once Modi became the head of the BJP's election campaign. Since then with his continued unemployment, Kulkarni has been trying to make himself as relevant by indulging into the activities that are against the Govt’s moral stand and also against Nation's interest. 

Recently, the peacenik lobby attended a Tea Party hosted by Pak Envoy Abdul Basit on one day after Kulbhushan Yadav was sentenced for Capital Punishment. Kulkarni hosted a book release ceremony for former Pakistani Foreign Minister. In same fashion, earlier self-assumed diplomat Ved Pratap Vaidik went to Pakistan to meet most wanted Terrorist Hafiz Saeed. 
Their such deeds make the situations virtually against the India’s interest. Moreover,  such people like Kulkarni, Kondapalli, Vaidik, John Dayal, etc. acting out of their Political Vendetta against BJP-RSS.  Unfortunately, this lobby starts outcry whenever there is a will shown by any Governments to learn lessons to the enemies; on the contrary, they never react or rather play down the issues, when the country is at receiving end.

Now the approach of this Peacenik lobby to attend all such summits, conferences, etc. not as an authorized representative is not something expected. This bound us to believe that their unemployment made them self-employed as Indian Diplomats! But so far their so-called Track2 initiatives have brought the country nowhere but in the position of embarrassment. 

The more grave concern is their manner to project the Govt and in turn Nation always in bad shape. Naturally, this is prone to raise some reasonable doubts over their intention and motivation which they get to do so. So this is their sole business left nowadays, and for which they might be getting encouragement from vested interest across the Border, which can't be denied!

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