It has not just begun since when Bollywood singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s Twitter account suspended by Twitter nor since the point when Paresh Rawal had asked to delete the tweet about Arundhati Roy as he did. The dreadful scenario of social media censorship are standing next to our doors and the time is lapsing towards the return of the same monopoly of commercial propagandist media that ruled over us for so many the years in TV & Press. The jinx was broken when the power of social media came into the hands of the individual, but now this is not being so. Numbers of instances are being reported the selective suspension of the impact creating accounts and content moderation of the pages.

In the row, your jansatyagrah.in has also become the victim of the same. On 22nd May, a video covering the shameful incident happened on 20th May, Saturday was uploaded on the Facebook page of jansatyagrah.in. The incident is about two children were beaten up, put the garlands of Chappals around their neck, and tonsured by two sons of a shopkeeper for stealing Rs. 1 Chakali (a snacks item) at Ulhasnagar, near Mumbai. They shot the video of tonsuring and beating the children and uploaded on social media. It was public anger after watching the videos that made incident reported with Hill Line Police Station, Ulhasnagar when the mother came to know about her children after she returned from work. She works as house-helps. She and her two innocent children are from a poor Dalit family. Later, Police arrested the sons – Irfan (25) and Tabakkal/Salim (20) of shopkeeper Pathan. The incident occurred is very much inhuman and shameful.

jansatyagrah.in obtained this same video from the Facebook and uploaded on FB page after rework as a news report to its viewers. The video went viral after uploading it. Yesterday, Facebook removed the video by citing the violation of ‘nudity’ clauses.

Almost all the major media outlets who always remain ready with the standing rabbit’s ears for every such issue to be reported, especially for Dalit issues gone with the sleeping pills and avoided the news, expect few like Hindustan Times, Midday, Mumbai Mirror published this. PTI has also covered this. Even the chaps from the mushrooming digital media portals like News Laundry, Scroll.In, Lallantop who usually peeks into nuances findings and utter filthier on Twitter &FB, became silent for the issue. The journalists like Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, Rana Ayyub who take care the rise of intolerance temperature of the country’s atmosphere of the narratives also failed to trace the news. Maybe, the Dalit-Muslim angle that does not suits well for this issue as Dalit Children beaten up by Muslim Vigilantes. Therefore, the Bhim activists remained busy only with Saharanpur. 

This is the same Facebook, which allows circulating the terrorists and stone-palters’ videos and provocative content for riots and unrest, allows smooth propagation video messages to the plot against Indian Army. Is that the claim of 'Nudity Violation'  indeed the cause of content removal? Now it looms that social media platform are none other different in supporting the commercial media platforms run by same MSM. Why? Because they are the earning sources in comparison to individual users? Just look such one content that may fall into violation of same community standards? Look at the several pages serving the adultery content in which the commercial media portals are at the frontline. But they never get gagged like this. Ridiculous ! FB has done this attempt just to suppress the issue. Nothing. Period.  

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