The debate row ignited after the suspension of Twitter account of Bollywood singer Abhijeet and action over the tweet of actor Paresh Rawal about tie Arundhati Roy on the bonnet of Jeep, have put the Twitter's credibility on the stake. Twitter's inaction over the accounts associated with so-called new age media brands those vomits the filth day night is Amazing! 

Here, is a charter of Twitter VIPs graced by Twitter. 

#1 - Swati Chaturvedi, abusive journalist, the very first registered victim of trolling as she describes herself and promotes her book. 

Swati abused a very senior journalist.

#2 - Prerana Bakshi, Meet this thewire.in’s/ Huffington Post author. Perhaps the most filthy handle by any woman on the Twitter. 

#3 - Frustrated Anurag Kashyap, gets his spectacles for bigotry.  

#4 - Sanjukta Basu, A TED recognized nasty tongue, Firstpost-Huffpost's schizophrenia .



#5 Shehla Rashid, Jehad on Twitter goes on.  

#6 John Dayal, A great puppet of US civil society. 

#7 Tehseen Poonawalla, Robert Vadra’s brother-in-law, broke all the limits by passing such an abusive comment to the woman and that is too for then Union HRD minister Smriti Irani. 

#8 'Ifrah Mufti' - Nobody from Media fraternity objected when Hindustan Times reporter ‘Ifrah Mufti’ used such curse words for PM;

#9 Rituparna Chatterjee, Deputy Editor of Huffington Post India, News MasalaBai 

When will Twitter Swachchhata Abhiyan happen for these? lets us know from Sanjay Hegde :)

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