Super Rational Indian Media Should Thank Govt For Having Toothless Media Regulation Authorities, Not like Pak’s Quick Actionable!

Few days back, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has directed to all the cable directors to ensure that no Indian channel is aired or any of its programmes and granted the authority to its Chairman Absar Alam to revoke or suspend licenses of companies illegally airing Indian content without prior notice.

Surprisingly, the official notice released by PEMRA had Sudarshan News channel is in the top of the list. Means Sudarshan News that bothered UPA Govt by its courageous telecast over Zakir Naik and other pro-Hindus issues now is creating the trouble to Pakistan. The list published by PERMA names Door-Darshan News as the second. Sudarshan News in fact channel has raised the concern over the abuse of human rights in Balochistan, in fact conducted first ever interview of Naela Quadri Baloch.

In recent times, we see that Pak authority has apparently been active over content regulation and restricting Indian TV programs over Pak Channels. It has been disputably more active rather than India’s counterpart self-regulatory bodies which often react selectively and have no way to curb telecast harming India’s sovereignty. This is of course one thing that we can admire about Pakistan.

One of recent issues in Pakistan, PEMRA expressed seriously concerned over an unverified news item on aired on August 11, by various TV news channels regarding the false death report of former test cricketer Muhammad Hanif, said a circular issued by the authority. It added that the above news items caused annoyance for the family of former test cricketer and its relatives while the general public was also misguided.

PEMRA had also asked the private channels to telecast national anthem daily in the morning to promote patriotism. 

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