Image credit: Sanjay Rawat / Outlook

The decision on banning Zakir Naik's IRF has arrived after the submission of an investigation report to Union home minister Rajnath Singh. The report which had the details including terror provoking speeches of Zakir Naik and IRF activities has prepared by NIA and the Special Branch of Mumbai Police.

The reports say that IRF has involved in religious conversions across the country and about 400 to 500 people have converted through dubious preaching programs. The Special Branch has mentioned about IRF relations with banned terrorist organizations. The NIA and the Special Branch thoroughly investigated such 40 speeches of Zakir Naik and found it for promoting fanaticism.  

The Maharashtra Crime Branch has also stated about the case of Ashfaque Majid. Majid is a 25-year old boy from Mumbai who left the country in June this year to join ISIS. It has found that guest relations manager of IRF, Arshid Qureshi with the help of one Rizwan Khan instigated Majid and other youths to fight for ISIS/Daesh. These IRF associates brainwashed them by promises of Jannat. Earlier, Special Branch approached to Majid Father to lodge a complaint against Qureshi which helped in the arrest of three including Qureshi. 

Further, one of submission in the report referred the Dhaka investigation after the arrest of two terrorists who told Naik's speeches influenced them.

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