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Team SAFSAC was recently graced by an interaction with Shri P DeivamuthuJi, the Editor-in-chief of the rip-roaring magazine “Hindu Voice” & the consulting editor of www.worldhindunews.com. His painstaking efforts for protecting and battling for Hindu rights through his magazine – ‘Hindu Voice’ (which he founded in 2002) are very commendable. He has played an instrumental role in bringing up many crucial issues where the basic rights of Hindus were being suppressed and unheard. His consistent publication on the controversies revolving around popular Hindu Saint Shri Asaramji Bapu reveals the nefarious propaganda which has been consistently targeting Hindu Saints.

Here, is the conversation that took place between Team SAFSAC’s members & Shri P. DeivamuthuJi.

Jan-Satyagrah: What is the message that you would like to convey to the disciples of Shri Asaramji Bapu?
DeivamuthuJi: This is indeed a very tough time for all you disciples. Stay firm in your devotion to beloved BapuJi ! Work Hard and persevere to bring out the truth. Now is the time to raise your voice against this grave injustice. Sitting idle will serve no purpose. Take on the polity, ask it tough questions and be united.

JS:Is the Shri Narendra Modi Government trying to dodge the Hindu issues and deviating from the agenda of Hindutva?
DM: If this government tries to run away and hide from these cultural issues, the majority of Hindus will lose their faith in democracy. If the government doesn’t care about the issues relating to majoritarian & continues to hesitate, anti-national elements will exploit the circumstance. We have seen how the NAC (National Advisory Council)....A tent packed with anti-national & anti-Hindu reactionaries who had wreaked havoc amongst the elite sections of the society through mental subversion and explosion of misinformation.

Hindu rights and interest should be taken up more boldly and without caring about such reactionaries.

JS: This government should incorporate a special body with a similar stature of NAC to preserve the Hindu cultural aspects.
DM: Of course, Hindu rights and interest should be taken up more boldly and without caring about such reactionaries. (He told us about his continuous communication with various governmental bodies and ministries from day one to take care of feelings of Hindus including the issue of attack of Hindu Saints)

JS: What is the response from these ministries?
DM: I have received meagre response from all of them.

JS: We are also facing the same scenario in Rajasthan where the polity is hesitant and hostile despite several lacunas in the investigation and false allegations. The Polity never responded in a straight forward manner.
DM: I have been raising the matter of these controversies related to Bapuji since the beginning of 2009. My previous columns / publications during that period also hinted about the deafening silence from the side of the polity and their reluctance to indulge directly in Pujya Bapu’s matters. I don’t know why Hindu well-wishers and intelligentsia are silent on this matter which affects every Hindu equally. These allegations have to be countered because they lack base.

JS: We also wonder why no one is ready to embrace the harsh reality. The politicians and anti-national fringe elements have been preparing the same kind of scenario even in Gujarat, shifting the onus on Shri Narendra Modi even when he was in power. The Congress and its pseudo subsidiary organizations, along with the media fabricated a scenario which tried to bring Modi against PujyaBapu. They were considerably successful in doing so and a lot of people are still under the notion that the reluctance on the part of the ruling party proves that Bapu and Modi are against each other.

DM: What is the current status of the case?
JS: The trial is going on. Jodhpur Police is biased and we have observed that they have been prejudiced even for basic things like food and medicines. It took several months to get proper homely food and medicines to Bapu, while these provisions are already prevalent under the Jail Manual Act.

DM: I am keeping a rigorous watch on this issue & will be publishing every finding on it, despite of the contentions raised my some of my regular readers in past, I advise them to undertake an unbiased approach towards controversies and also urge them to refrain from blindly believing the sensational news headlines in all its face value. That’s all by which I am putting my efforts and often, i have to write very sheer and candid which is quite possible to be threats for writers like me. We are not Charlie Hebdo, so international affection and sympathy will lean for us, nor I belong to such media house that has a large circle of political patrons, no one will come even in support.

JS: We humbly thank you and express the deepest of our gratitude for standing firmly with us even in this situation. Your single handed fight against this intellectual terrorism even with limited resources is commendable and a source of inspiration to all of us! Jai Hind!


Siddharth Nair
Siddharth writes on various cultural, social and national issues with his analytical approach. He is a good musician too.

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