The politics of vested interest in Sadhu’s robe

Pramodkrishanam  with Monica Bedi during his election campaign. Image Credit : NDTV

In recent times news channels have devised a TRP boosting formula based on controversies of religious leaders and it is being kept on top in the telecast schedules. But this has given the birth and rise to few echelons of non-heard and publicity hungers Acharyas, Jyotishacharyas and Spiritual practitioners those who understand themselves to be quite eligible to deliver the commentary on the behalf of Hindu Society.

In the same row, Pramod Krishnan, Pithadhishwar of Kalkidham at Sambhal (UP) and the founder of Shri Kalki foundation is often visible. By the way he designates himself as the president of Akhil Bharatiya Sant Samaj, thus he has become one of the favourites of TV News Channels nowadays. Especially, Hindi news channels call him to participate in panel debates to get what stand Hindu Religious leaders have. Due to this, whatever he represents on such instances becomes very much important for the Hindu community and it is very necessary to evaluate whether the taken position by him does fit to what is expected to be represented in the interest of Hindu Society & Hinduism or not ?

Pramod Krishnam has no right to comment on respected leaders of Hindu Community after his own mask has been slipped in public now.

Just a month ago, once again he succeeded to hog the limelight with the help of misguided coverage done by his settled print and electronic media houses. It is learnt that a Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been constituted by SC for probing the financial irregularities and involvement of black money in the organisation of Sant Asaram Bapu and Radhe Maa. DNA’s article further mentioned that SIT was to undertake the investigation of Sarathi Trust (Orrisa) first and then will take others too. Sarathi Trust is currently under investigation by ED and Income Tax Department and article connected these circumstances with the unverified and speculated statement on behalf of vice chairman Justice Arijit Pasayat of same SIT which has been constituted by Supreme Court for black money issue after the Modi government came into power. No separate SIT has been constituted by SC, specifically for an institution of Sant Asaram Bapu. Going one stepped ahead Pramod Krishanam patted himself on the back as the victor for aforesaid development and it was outcome of his letter to PM to be acted upon


However, the point to be noted here that news published in DNA article which was not covered by any of other media houses during the peak run time on Radhe Maa issue says “Pramod Krishnam has given details about the ‘dubious’ nature of controversial religious organisations like those headed by Asaram Bapu, Nirmal Baba, Sant Rampal, Maharshi Kumar Swamy, Radhe Maa, Swamy Nityanand and Datti Maharaj”.  No doubt, this is the piece of yellow journalism and Pramod Krishanam tried to get mileage for his concealed crusade for satisfying his rivalry against Hindu seers like Sant Asaram Bapu and Baba Ramdev who have been vociferously exposed the attempts of conspiracy against Hindu Gurus done by his parent political party – Congress. 

Pramod Krishanam who has been in search of the fame at Sant Asaram Bapu’s camp by delivering the sugar-coated speeches that acknowledge Bapu’s endeavours for social welfare; it was just few years ago when Bapu was free. Anyway keeping aside the matter of his disassociation with Bapu, reason may be his failure to get his political vested motives fulfilled, does he have any substance to back his assertion of having the financial irregularities or it’s merely a feat for making over of his image in media after sour debacle in the LS election on Congress ticket? One can think easily. But when bias approach in selection of Sant Asaram Bapu name comes in ‘dubious’ list then it can be understood about some purpose behind that. So, he must come out clean first before asking probe for others and must prove his sanctity on monetary affairs of his organisation which has been grown well in last few years with the proximity of congress leadership during their regime that is synonym for looting the money of common men and filling own pockets.

In addition to this, when some serious doubts are raised about morality on aforementioned religious leaders, especially on Sant Asaram Bapu it becomes necessary to inspect credibility of such finger-pointers by some litmus test. Till now, Pramod Krishnan has been noticed to be named in pursuing several activities which aren’t suitable to Sadhus. No, like in 2007, for the Ajmer Dargah Blast incident on the name of ‘Bhagwa Atankwad’ Hindu activists were severely condemned one more time by so called Seculars. Surprisingly, during the investigation an accused Bhavesh Patel confirmed the liaising of Pramod krishanam in terms of facilitate meetings between Patel and some senior most Congress leaders like Sushil kumar Shinde, Digvijay Singh etc. Moreover, the accused deposed to investigation agency NIA that in meetings he was coerced to name few notable Hindu activists and outfits for making him engineered in the Blast. Thus, such role of mediator in terror act not only implies as immoral but also is dangerous for, as far as Security and Harmony are concern for the Nation.

His knot with congress party is not limited to this cited incident but can be estimated more close by observing that party gave him ticket to contest General election in 2014 from Sambhal seat (U.P.). And to observe loyalty, on many occasions it he recognised to defend party and its leaders especially when any religious or cultural issues have put party in the dock. For instance, during Congress regime Baba Ramdev was facing several cases and he stated as a conspiracy by Congress. On this occurrence, Krishnan appeared in Media narratives to negate Baba Ramdev’s charges against party. His counter went to such extent that he accused Baba Ramdev as for encroaching a property of Baba Ramdev’s guru Shri Shankardev Ji, and even more that possibility of a hand in death of Shri Rajiv Dixit, a known Swadeshi Activist. Another instance, after coming some views by eminent personalities like Subramaniam Swamy, Uma Bharti etc on Sant Asaram Bapu case. It is in public domain that there is a hand of Congress supremo Sonia & Rahul Gandhi behind fabricating him in Jodhpur case. When such news came out and Congress was also facing criticism, their patron like Pramod Krishnan started attacked Sant Asaram Bapu by participating in many debates. It’s learnt that no evidences are come yet which can substantiate the charges of Rape.

The role of Acharya Pramod krishnan has been to shield Congress party by attacking to religious leaders who have raised the voice against so called secular party, and that is too in the face of Sadhu. Also, when in April- 2012 Sex scandal of senior congress leaders Abhishek Manu Singhvi came out, at that time Krishnan was found in news channels approaching the leader for expressing solidarity. Secondly, on social media and other platforms Digvijay Singh and Amrita Rao were severely criticized for posting their objectionable intimated selfies in public at such old age time, but Krishnan found endorsing all such acts of his close companions. This all depicts that observe morality & continence should be primary principle for any Sadhu but Krishnan has kept aside these for his all political motives.

Furthermore, Krishnan has been ardently participating various Majlis (Muslim meets); be it ‘Ali day celebration’, ‘Youm-e-Rahmatul-lil-Alameen’ or ‘Hajule insaf conference’. The concern is not for the presence of Hindu leader in Muslim meets, but for taking Anti-Hindu stance and putting Hinduism in shame by accusing it for the communalism. For instance, on addressing 64th “Youm-e-Rahmatul-lil-Alameen”; Krishnan alleged that “Hindutva forces trying to divide mankind on communal lines”. It seems something improper as being a Hindu leader what was the purpose to criticize own community and that is too in front of other religious community! But here the answer is coherent that his constituency Sambhal is Muslim dominated area, and it was also stealth of earning vote-bank by appeasing them through criticising Hindus. But this activity can never be in the interest of peace for our Nation.

While contesting a General election last year from Sambhal, he invited several Bollywood actresses like Neha Dhupia, Monica Bedi, Mahima Chaudhary etc for his Election campaigning. And apart from holding road shows they also danced to captivate Voters with their beauty. So here for any Sadhu-Sanyasi, is it condonable to promote such profanity in society? But here what the approach has been seen is like “Vote ke liye kuchh bhi karenge”. Interestingly, even after experimenting these all gimmicks he couldn’t secure more than 1% votes.

However, list of his anti-Hindu stands is long; on the release of Anti Hindu & rhetoric movie PK many Hindu entities like VHP, RSS, HJS, Bajrang dal were opposing it to Ban, on contrary Pramod Krishnan praised the movie in Media and expressed his endorsement as well. Like this was not felt sufficient, he also approached Uttaranchal C.M. and made the movie tax free in whole state.

All in all, so far Pramod Krishnan found indulged in various malpractices like a role in Ajmer Blast and so on finally such activities are enough to demean the Hindu representation of TV.  By looking it, question strikes that what is the motive of so called President of Akhil Bhartiya Sant Samaaj? Does he actually deserve to hold this post furthermore? Moreover, it’s well proven that his political ambition and publicity mongering has led him to take controversial stands and by the way he wants to grab space in Media all the time. So actually he has no right to comment on respectable leaders of Hindu Community and after his own mask is being uncovered in public now. Finally, it’s more needed that investigation of financial irregularities should be started with his Kalkidham foundation first and his dubious nature of activities must be exposed.

Dhaval Mehta
Dhaval Mehta is a software engineer and has years’ experience in organising social campaigns. He moderates Jan-Satyagrah and loves investigative writing.

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