Usual days of harassment go on, No ‘Achche Din’ yet

Anti-Hindu Forces are trying to keep under pressure whereas Hindus are being betrayed. Courtesy: DNA

Whether Hindu Empowerment is in focus or Not in government Agenda? Still stands as a big question. Recent gestures by BJP Government are disappointing.

The release of separatist and fundamentalist leader Masarat Alam Bhat and further, he held an anti-India rally in valley and slackness for his arrest, added one more instance of the exploitation of BJP led central government which is rigorously being attempted by anti-national, anti-Hindu forces. Since the day when new central government assumed the office, such forces have geared up themselves and are trying to bring down the polity at a level of being compelled. However, these are not new things and were already presumed in a skeptical manner as soon after the landslide victory of BJP in last general elections. But, what is more, astonishing here or could be a subject to grief that the government is now averting the cultural agenda and defending itself in the scared position on pro-Hindu issues. With emergence of many hopes and perceive to be fulfilled by this government, lest it has forgotten that last general election victory was in return of the campaign and bold promises of eradication of such anti-forces and not to be influenced by them, after which an undercurrent was developed among the mass to vote out in huge support. This BJP government must learn a lesson from MasaratAlam’s incidence that how can opposite forces of BJP be dared and bold to act according to their will and agenda under its nose whereas full mandate BJP even cannot think even to start the walk on the Pro-Hindu agenda – and that’s called the exploitation, isn’t it ?

With emergence of many hopes and perceive to be fulfilled by this government, lest it has forgotten that last general election victory was in return of the campaign and bold promises of eradication of such anti-Hindu forces and not to be influenced by them.

Another instance when government reacted under the shadow of fear is regarding the ranting incidence of burglary and attack on catholic convent school on the name of few broken window panes for which Delhi Police Commissioner was summoned by PMO. Such prompt reaction has never been seen in the matter when temples are vandalised and set on fire in tribal areas. Further, moving a bit ahead in the same month what could be more painful that PM appeared in an event related to the canonisation of two Indian Catholic ‘saints’ by Vatican. This was too embarrassing to PM acknowledging such honour which is awarded on the basis of ‘Supernatural Miracles’ and considered as ‘unscientific temper’ when comes on Hindu Saints and they are always attacked as ‘superstition industrialist’ on this so-called unscientific temper. On other hand, BJP’s stance to keep itself away from the matters of Hindu Gurus like Sant Asaram Ji Bapu or Sadhvi Pragya Ji Singh and not even talk about due to fear of become tainted is showing the way to more exploitation and will repeatedly become a soft target if don’t care for pro-Hindu issues. BJP has turned into the deafening silence over the matter of Sant Shri Asaram Ji Bapu where, after repeatedly communication to BJP state government to tell the several facts insinuating towards a big conspiracy against him. Same can be observed in Malegaon blast case in Maharashtra where the foully NIA and Maharashtra ATS has caused Sadhvi Pragya Singh and other Hindu thinkers’ lives to be rotten into jail; despite of BJP led government in power of the state, no low decibel murmur are being heard to act upon this.

If the government remains busy in managing PR (Public Relation) and giving assurance for protecting the accord of religious minorities, it would be victim of vicious political propaganda which is being played behind the curtain by anti-Hindu, anti-national forces and would stay with no difference with the regimes of previous governments. So taking care the faith shown by majority of this land, BJP must not hesitate to take steps in favour of Hindus, albeit, there be a lot of chaos spawned, ignore it; let it be happened. BJP must conquer over such evil forces and must not be unremembered of - how the mistletoe of anti-Hindu, anti-national circle with the motives of “Rule India and Ruin India”, of which poisoned branches has become so deeply rooted in speaking sphere of Delhi’s politics !

Nishant Sharma
Writer-Activist, Crusader for Media Regulation, Anti-Corruption.

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