As India has broken the silence over Baluchistan, in further step, Should India give Asylum to Baloch Republican Party Leader Brahumdagh Bugti ?
Yes, India should move ahead further strategic war with Pakistan by this
No, It will endanger that Pakistan will throw the charges of India's involvement in Baluchistan Revolution
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What do you say that all the notable editors / journalists should publicly declare their assets like legislators and judges do?
Of course, should do
No, It's a matter of choice
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Are the right wing thinkers still struggling to present their view point due to the lack of adequate media space ?
Why is media space required.
Can't say anything.
क्या संत आसाराम बापू केस में ट्रायल को रोक कर नए सिरे से सीबीआई जाँच होनी चाहिए?
क्या राजस्थान सरकार की बापू के विषय में वैध तरीकों से की जाने वाली मांगों पर बहरेपन वाली चुप्पी केंद्र सरकार की वजह से है?
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