NGOs’ agenda - Break Family, Break Society & Break India

The Central Govt. should make a thorough enquiry into the sources of funds of these NGOs. If it is found that they are working at the behest of foreign forces, the concerned activists should be arrested and legal proceedings initiated.


Every nation’s defence has three wings - Army, Navy and Air Force - to secure their borders. But to enslave a nation calmly, the Western Christian countries have a fourth wing - i.e. Missionaries. These missionaries go to other countries, and in the name of serving the poor, convert them and de-nationalise them.  

But in today’s world, this is done in a different way. They catch hold of anti-social and anti-national elements in the targeted country and get things done through them. For doing this, they ask the locals to form NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) and provide them with enormous funds, and in effect become their masters.

In our nation, these NGOs are working in three different areas - (1) parivar thodo (break the family), (2) samaj thodo (break the society), and (3) desh thodo (break the nation).

Parivar thodo : an NGO - Lawyers Collective - formed by Ms Indira Jaisingh - former Additional Solicitor General, and others. If we do analysis, we would know how many laws concerning Hindus have been amended or enacted, so as to destroy the Hindu Family Institution? For doing such ‘services’ (in the name of women empowerment) she has been receiving a lot of funds from foreign NGOs, such as UNIFEM. The essence of her ‘service’ is to treat Hindu marriages as civil contracts and ridicule the spiritual and cultural sanctity behind them. The aim is to promote live-in relationship and create a fatherless society of promiscuous women. And she becomes the darling of the media too. Now, the current government has suspended the FCRA license of her NGO after a long legal tussle.  

Samaj Thodo : Many NGOs are run by Christian missionaries. World Vision India and Gospel for Asia are well-known in this field. They are missionary organisations, working purely for converting gullible Hindus. They do so in the name of serving the poor. Their activity is such that no Indian suspects them. On the contrary, even many ‘secular’ Hindus give them fabulous donations. In fact, many journalists proudly interview them. They glorify these “God Traders” for their ‘selfless services’ to the society.

Their conversion of Hindus creates tension in the society, sometimes leading to skirmishes in the family itself. They permanently divide the society. Many times even families are forever divided due to conversion. Their hold on the media and bureaucrats is such that no one dares to question them on their anti-social activities, even if it relates to rape or human trafficking.

In fact, RSS-VHP who are doing yeomen services for the tribals and downtrodden even in far away places are treated as communal, whereas organisations such as WV and GA are treated as secular. How many of us know that both WV & GA never employ Hindus in their organisations? They appoint only Christian. Then how are they secular? The fact is: RSS-VHP are secular (as they render services to all irrespective of their religion) and WV and GA are communal and fanatic organisations as their intention is to convert Hindus.

Desh Thodo : There are thousands of NGOs working with this aim. Recently Greenpeace is in the news.

A few notorious persons in this field are: Medha Patkar of Narmada Bachao Andolan and Uday Kumar of anti-Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project, both of whom fought elections as AAP candidates and lost their deposits. In fact, many NGOs working to block the development of our country and in effect to break Bharat, have  become a part of the Aam Adhmi Party.

To top it all, the unconstitutional National Advisory Council headed by Sonia was consisting of representatives from many such dubious NGOs. In fact, it was these NGOs which were guiding Sonia, to ‘run’ this nation. In my earlier writings: “A Belgium citizen, advising an Italian Christian Sonia, on how to run a Hindu Nation of 121 crores. Isn’t is weird?” “One of the members of NAC is Mr. Jean Dreze. He was born in Belgium in 1959, and became an Indian citizen in 2002. He is going to advise Sonia Gandhi - on what only God knows.  ... Do they have anything to do with India and its spiritualism, culture and tradition?” And these were the people who drafted the Communal Violence Bill treating all Hindus as potential troublemakers. In fact, the illiterate Sonia made a mockery of our constitution.

So by opposing all development projects on flimsy grounds, these NGOs were trying to retard the nation’s progress. They oppose India mining its territory for coal, but want us to import coal from Australia for our thermal power projects. They instigate the project-affected-people (PAP) to wage war against the government and create civil disobedience. And this was the goal of Arvind Kejriwal too.

I want to make it very clear that it is not an offence to run an NGO. It is also perfectly legal to protest peacefully for getting better amenities for the PAP. What is worrying is the support, both monetary and logistic, that these NGOs receive from foreign countries. Anyone taking money from foreign countries to serve our people cannot be cent percent loyal to this nation. Because all foreign aids come with strings attached. Similarly, foreign recognition - like Magsaysay awards - too are politically motivated.

After the new Govt. took over, the IB has got the strength to submit the report on NGOs and came in the position for crackdown over them. During the UPA Govt. the IB could never think of doing so, because the concerned officers will be taken to task for targeting the ‘harmless’ NGOs! When many of them are accommodated by Sonia in her NAC, can any officer in the IB dare to accuse them of anti-development or anti-national activity? 

Looking at the world situation and especially in Iraq, one shudder to think what would have happened to our Motherland if Sonia continued to hold the fort at the centre. India, with the dumb Manmohan Singh as the PM, would have surrendered before the Islamic terrorists and given up not only Kashmir but many parts of Bharat, almost leading to civil war in the country. God saved this nation by throwing this anti-national Sonia and Congress into the dust bin and bringing in favourable government.

This Central Govt. headed by NaMo should make a thorough enquiry into the sources of funds of these NGOs. If it is found that they are working at the behest of foreign forces, the concerned activists should be arrested and legal proceedings initiated. In this process, even if it is Sonia (as her NAC consisted of many NGOs), the Govt. should not spare her.

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