10 Bold Stands By Sant Asaram Bapu Those Made Him So Controversial

To his critiques: though he has implicated and in jail now But his voice still matters relevant. Why?


1. He openly spoke out against Congress Supremo Sonia Gandhi. 

Sant Asaram Bapu publicly spoke out against Congress Supremo Sonia Gandhi (real name Antonia Maino) while uncovering her hidden connections with Vatican Imperialism of Christianity. He has always kept the people cautioning about Govt’s policies that remaining continued to weaken the Hindus politically. The heirs of Gandhi-Nehru family always had believers of the divide politics and treated the minorities just for vote bank. Sonia Gandhi discriminated Hindu and proved as a promotion agents for religious conversion in tribal areas. To get the votes of minorities, she helped to Christians through Govt grants and contributed to Muslims through financial perks. 

On the name of 'Secularism', Sonia Gandhi suppressed the voice of Hindus and tried to denigrate Hindus on the name of Saffron terrorism. Many Gurus like Sant Asaram Bapu opposed to her policies, and this continued opposition caused her with the hatred towards Hindu Gurus, and she decided to target Sant Asaram Bapu, Baba Ramdev, Sadhvi Pragya, Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswathi, etc.

2. Sant Asaram Bapu has been a big barrier against religious conversion.

The innumerous Christian missionaries are working in India for their propaganda of religious conversion. These missionaries target the Hindus in tribal areas which can be easily converted into Christians due to their poor economic condition and these Christian missionaries take advantage of their poverty. These missionaries lure them on the name of free education to their children, free medical benefits, and scholarship to convert them into Christians. These evangelic agencies keep them permanently away from real spirituality and use them for de-hinduise others. Sant Asaram Bapu tried to stop the religious conversion of Hindus into Christians effectively in Southern Gujarat's tribal areas and other regions of the country. He has created an awareness among public about the propaganda of religious conversion by Christian missionaries. Sant Asaram Bapu started delivering of free education through Gurukuls, free medical services through mobile vans & camps and other means of benefits to tribals like providing the groceries and daily consumables by ration process. He taught them about the greatness of Indian culture, Gurus, and national icons to nurture the pride of Hindu Dharma.

Thus, Sant Asaram Bapu became the big barrier against the religious conversion of poor Hindus into Christians. So these missionaries and concerned NGO started to malign his clean image by making false allegations against him with media channels.

3. Spoke out on the atrocities over innocent Saints and Hindu Gurus and Supported that without caring his image.

Sant Asaram Bapu openly supported many those Saints or Gurus, who were targeted and arrested on the basis of false allegations. He was the first one to come in his support when Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati was arrested at the mid-night of Diwali (auspicious festival of Hindus) of 2004. Sant Asaram Bapu sat on the demonstration at Jantar-Mantar, Delhi against the arrest of Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati. Eventually, ShankaracharyaJi got the clean chit from the court and discharges from the allegation of murder. Similarly, when Delhi Police brutalised Baba Ramdev's camp at Ramlila Maidan, Bapu came in his favour to express the solidarity against injustice. In big media gaga over Swamy Nithyananda when he was alleged for the so-called rape charges by a fake CD, Bapu Ashram's periodicals without any hesitation published the suppressed truth and supported Swami Nithyananda till forensic lab proven out CD false. 

Sadhvi Pragya Singh and other Hindu activists, who have also falsely implicated under the charges of involvement in Malegaon Blast of 2008, due to the political bitterness of Congress government toward the Hindus and now the prolonged custody have ruined their lives. Sant Asaram Bapu was first among the Gurus fraternity who was most concerned, pained and rush to meet Sadhvi at the hospital when her brutal persecution under police custody came in public. 

Likewise, the pool of the Leftist, communist and anti-Hindu NGOs started to target Sanatan Sanstha (a Hindu organisation). Today, under vicious environment created by such allies, Sanstha has been dragged in a murder of MANS’s (Maharastra Andhshrddha Nirmulan Samiti) founder Narendra Dhabolkar and a communist leader Govind Pansare. Sant Asaram Bapu openly supported and said that I would not let anybody to ban Sanatan Sanstha until my last breath. 

Sant Asaram Bapu raised his voice for the justice of all these Gurus, Sadhvis and Hindu organisations. His open stand against anti-Hindu governments made him controversial, and these anti-Hindu political elements were remained targeting him repeatedly. Finally, anyhow Bapu was made the prey and arrested under the allegation of so-narrated rape charges in Jodhpur.

4. Overtly, raised the voice against the draconian laws and misuses of those.

He openly referred to the voice against the implementation of draconian laws and kept telling the misuses of those like the rapid increase in dowry cases by girls making false allegations of domestic violence that too supported by various data. He upfrontly condemned and came in oppose of controversial Anti-superstition Law enacted in Maharashtra. The fraud Maharastra Andhshraddha Nirmulan was applying the pressure on state government to pass the draconian bill which had enough clauses to intervene in Hindus religious freedom and make him/her behind the bar. After united efforts of his organisation along with other Hindu institutions, the bill was hardly pushed to that side where Hindus just could be avoided of becoming criminated while following the religious belief. 

Hindus rights are always being suppressed to appease minorities and other anti-Hindu forces on the name of secularism, but why there is no any uniform civil law? Bapu beats the drum too for it. On several occasions, he has made the request to bring the law for stopping the religious conversion by allurement and tactics.

Thus, Sant Asaram Bapu came on the radar of the antagonists and pseudo-activists lobby of NGO. These anti-Hindu NGOs started to protest against him and tried to disrupt his public discourses and his social welfare activities.

5. Didn't ready to fund the paid media.

There has been an extraordinary role of paid media in Sant Asaram Bapu’s arrest. Prolonged media trial containing the concocted programs and biased reporting have created an atmosphere against him. There is hardly any factual news on him, rather, the news of few minutes are exaggerated and hypothetically presented in the form of tales and stories for several weeks and tried to misguide to public. In mainstream media, only one sided facts were presented to assassinate his character. These media channels used the name of Sant Asaram Bapu to earn high TRP because of his famous personality and millions of followers around the world. So one of the prime reason for controversies around him is not to believe in the paying huge amount to maintain the PR exercise as others do. In spite of several proposals from the parties including the media groups and PR agencies remained in waiting to fetch money from his organisation, he denied. So their frustration was reflected through telecasting against him. Either in the matter of two children’s death of Ahmedabad Gurukul happened in 2008 or the recent matter of Jodhpur case of 2013, media’s role was always found dubious. These news channels never showed any news of relevant facts of the case like fraud NGO's involvement in lodging FIR, disputed age of the complainant, no rape or assault in the medical report. The social welfare activities done by him during past 40 years were not presented for a single moment and gave his image as a cursed for society while it portrayed Salman Khan 'Being Human' as the innocent. What about welfare activities run by Sant Asaram Bapu in natural disasters, in slum areas, he provided a lot of support to raise their living standards. But no any news was shown on such matters. Supreme Court have also strongly condemned and reprimanded such media channels for conducting media trial of his subjudice cases. 

6. He campaigned against the moral degradation that being pushed through an open culture of obscenity.

He gave a lot of emphasis on the moral upliftment of youths and inculcating the moral customs among children. He started several campaigns to grow hearty feelings and believe in obedience towards elders, i.e. he initiated “The Parents Worship Day” to protect the countrymen from Valentine Day’ in the name of prevailing hollow openness like West in our society. He just describes how the growing tendency (propagated under commercial agenda) of Valentine Day, Rose Day, Chocolate Day, blah-aba-lab in our country is affecting the core of society like the West where the Lakhs of minor girls get conceived during their school life due to physical attraction or lustful intention. Thousands of “Bal Sanskar Centers” without charging any fee he has established to provide moral education, teach them yoga and nurturing them into valuable countrymen. His ultimate aim is to build the country's base strong. The hundreds of “Youth Groups" were established to serve for society by their abilities. For youths, he gave a lot of stress on celibacy, a proper daily routine and hard work to make them physically as well as mentally active and succeed.

7. Establishment of the chain of Gurukuls.

Sant Asaram Bapu set up a chain of Gurukuls across the India to provide education according to the legacy of ancient Rishi custom. Besides the curriculum of modern education, in his Gurukuls students learn about moral, Indian culture, accurate history and original icons. His steps of establishing Gurukul, in a straight way, resisted the propaganda run by Christian convent schools to eradicate the Indic roots from the mind and soul of naive students. Their propaganda is to impose the verses of the Bible and Christian customs over the students. These missionaries teach them to hate Hindu Sadhus, Gurus and the virtues of Hinduism in the name of freedom thinker, the beholder of open mindset, also teach them to love Jesus, Mother Teresa, etc. They teach very dogmatic that “Lord Ram is nothing, he didn’t do anything for children, but Jesus loved to children and worked a lot for children”. So these are poring the venom in the mind of innocent children. Sant Asaram Bapu’s Gurukuls gave an alternative to protected their children from being the victims of such malign education system. So due to his Gurukul’s methodology, the student are achieving the best practical results too and compelling the common man to be returned to the basic roots. 

8. His large followership and humanitarian endeavours. 

The preaching base of Sant Asaram Bapu is among the largest. In fact, his discourse camps running over the years running achieve the highest reach to the lower and the lower middle section of the Indian society. In other words, he succeeded to manage intact the lakhs of the audience which may have been an interest point of the Christian missionaries and Islamic allurement. His camps not only have been the big consumer market for indigenous products and medicines that eating the share of MNC consumer goods, but also these have been centre points for various public services like his ashram's involvement during many natural disasters which has been very commendable, as people who got benefitted they said. It directly hindered the scope for evangelic agencies to do their conversion job.  

9. His focus on social campaign for de-addiction movement, cautioning people against cheating by medical practitioners.

Sant Asaram Bapu started de-addiction movements to protect the countrymen from the liquor, tobacco, and drugs for which American govt affiliated agency like spends thousands of dollars in the US. He created awareness amount public about this and brought those back to a healthy life through Ayurveda and Yoga. 

He also kept telling people about various rackets of fraud medical practitioners about which his critiques ridiculed him at that moment till when same reality accepted by media and other campaigners.

10. Revamping old trusts, preservation of rare scriptures by Holy Gurus of India.

Last but not least. He has been endorsing the Geeta Press Gorakhpur. Several rare texts by late Gurus, Seers and Yogis he compiled in the books and republished. For example, Bhola Baba's Brahm Ramayan. He took the acquisition of various rare, old trust of late Gurus and tried to preserve the legacy of those ashrams. 

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