The Concealed Law Of 'Land': Polity Runs For Hindu Temples Treasure

There have been many instances where faith places only of Hindus, are looted either by Govt or Non-Hindu bigot invaders.


History recalls many Hindu sacred places of being encroached and looted by Muslims and non-Hindus with the aim to convert the faith. Somnath, Ayodhya, Mathura or Kashi Vishwanath have suffered the bloodshed of several massacres; their treasures looted and auspicious lands were always in the eye of such bigot invaders.

In the current era too, we see that the Govt is extorting the wealth & properties accumulated from Hindu devotional places like temples and trusts, and even more utilised to appease the Minorities by paying various subsidies and others remuneration. We observe Govt's negligence for spending this income over preservation and renovation of the structure and archaeological sites as seen in Jagannath Puri.

One of the incidents was happened in most famous Hindu pilgrim Tirupati Balaji in 2013 when Islamic University was started to construct illegally in a vicinity of the temple. The Constructor, Heera group, wanted to run the University with Shariah laws, and by this to promote the Islamism in the proximity of auspicious pilgrimage, Tirupati.

Similarly, Christians have also attempted to malign the very sacred place in 2004. The assistance was provided by the then Andhra Pradesh CM, YSR Reddy, who allotted 5 out of 7 hills next to Balaji temples, which were eventually converted to Christian properties alias Mega Churches with the objective to devastate local Hindu faith and culture.

Likewise in Dattapeetham(Karnataka), Hindus rituals weren’t allowed to do. There was Muslims population who had been dominating in the area and expanding their influence. Even though after having HC’s order February 2007; the State Govt refrain the devotees to perform the rituals for more than one and half years.

The huge injustice has happened to Hindu faith by Govt in Pandharpur temple. By the use of RTI Act, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti brought the matter to light on a massive misappropriation of temple funds. Out of the total land of 1220 acres held by the temple, more than 500 acres of land has been donated by devotees as a donation. But Govt driven Committee had no records of how it was being utilised. Moreover, a lot of discrepancies were observed in the accounts maintained by Trust. All in all, the gross corruption was concerned with hundreds of acres temple land, funds collected as donations worth crores of rupees, ornaments costing lakhs of rupees and wealth of cow-lineage, etc.

Recently, the Andhra Pradesh Govt started abiding by its order that is the eviction of Non Hindus from cultivating Hindu Temple Lands. The current move was taken at the beginning of agriculture season when leases use to be renewed. The Order of Nov 2015 states that "No person professing a religion other than Hinduism is entitled to obtain lease either through tender-cum-public auction or otherwise.

As it is uneasy to determine the religion of any individuals based on their Govt docs, it demanded to produce Church certificate to show the identity as Non-Christians for Dalits; Muslims will also bar on the same line. Total three lakh acres such farmland is in possession of various temples, 30 percent of its cultivators are Dalits, and many are Muslims.

Naturally, the question arises that why the land & properties only of Hindu faith places are getting exploited either by Government or Non-Hindu elements?

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