Kailash Vijayvargiya Wrote Upon Judicial Discrimination with Asaram Bapu

On one hand, the bail is not given for month after months for those, the cases against whom just filed due to vendetta; and on the contrary, Shahabuddin who is Lalu Yadav's dear one has granted a bail due to political favoritism.

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  • September 22,2016
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Recently National General Secretary of BJP, Kailash Vijayvargiya expressed his concerns over Judicial Discrimination happening with Sant Asaram Bapu for more than last three years. He put his views by writing the column in a well known Hindi daily Dabang Duniya; in which he cited the Shahabuddin case where the dangerous criminal got a bail, but the spiritual leader, a wide representative of Hindus Sant Asaram Bapu has been denied the bail for multiple times.

In Bihar, a person who turned the Lalu Yadav's Govt into Jungle Raj, a notorious murderer Shahabuddin, is out of the Bhagalpur jail after granting a bail by Patna high court on the 7th September. Shahabuddin hasn’t yet completed 50 years old, but there are 56 cases registered against him. On bailing out of Shahabuddin, who had become the symbol of terror, people of Bihar are now in fear. Due to fear today, who have registered the case against Shahabuddin are even not able to speak; moreover, they rather forgot the birthplace of Rajendra Prasad (1st president of India) was Siwan. Now people are saying that to take the name of Shahabuddin or Siwan; both are same.  It's really shocking that such notorious murderer granted a bail.

On one hand, the bail is not given for month after months for those, the cases against whom just filed due to vendetta; and on the other hand, Shahabuddin who has been praising Lalu Prasad Yadav, the partner of the coalition Govt in Bihar now, has granted a bail. Here involvement of Police and Govt play is quite particular.

After granting the bail to Shahabuddin, today question arises that why 78 year old aged Sant Asaram bapu is not being given a bail for past 3 years. Last month Rajasthan high court has rejected bail application 9th time. After that, Supreme Court has also dismissed the bail application and said that we would decide on the basis of the medical report provided by AIIMS. Supreme Court further said that until Sant Asaram Bapu doesn’t go through the medical examination and the medical report of AIIMS is not submitted to the court, can’t ponder on the bail of Sant Asaram Bapu. AIIMS said that there’s a panel constituted of 7 doctors, further stated that if the medical team of seven doctors will go to Jodhpur, then it will affect the hospital’s work.

In this scenario, Sant Asaram Bapu has to bring to Delhi by the flight. After coming of Sant Asaram Bapu in Delhi, he will go through medical examinations. When the decision comes, till then can’t say anything. An advocate of Sant Asaram Bapu argued that last year the SC ordered that after the testimony of all witnesses of the case, then only bail application can be filed. Right now no any troublesome situation can influence to the witnesses. Sant Asaram Bapu had asked interim bail application on the ground of his critical health for two months.

Recently, there is a massive criticism over the decision of Supreme Court in which it banned on the more than 20 feet height of the pot filled with yogurt for making Pyramid on Shri Krishna Janmashtami. SC also banned on the involvement of children who are below 18 in the “Govinda” the holy company to make Pyramid. Does Supreme Court also intervene on other religion’s rituals? In three divorce cases, Muslim community clearly said that court couldn't give any decision in the cases of their rituals. In the same kind of the cases, court’s decisions are contradictory.

In March 1997 the president of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Chandra Shekhar was murdered during the gathering of CPI(M-L) at Male. Shahabuddin sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in the case of kidnapping and murder of Chhote Lal Gupta, who was an activist of Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist). Police also seized a lot of weapons from the residence of Shahabuddin. The first time, AK-74 was used by Shahabuddin during the Jungle Raj in Bihar. He is also an accused of the murder of a journalist, Rajdev Ranjan. Rajdev Ranjan had the lot of evidences, which were sufficient for the imprisonment to Shahabuddin.

On August 16, 2004, Satish Raj and Girish Raj, the sons of an entrepreneur Chandrasekhar (Chanda Babu) were rinsed out with the acid by Shahabuddin. Both were dead on the spot. The elder son of Chanda Bapu, Rajiv Roshan was the eye witness of these murders. Rajiv Roshan was also shot out on June 16, 2014, during the hearing of these two murder cases. Shahabuddin was given the sentence for one year to lifetime imprisonment in eight cases.

It may be possible that Patna high court granted bail to Shahabuddin according to Nitish Government’s plan of releasing to Shahabuddin and terrify to witnesses. BJP entrusted a memorandum to the Governor of Bihar and demanded to send Shahabuddin out of state. The truth is also this that Shahabuddin was directing the grave crime incidences while remaining into Bhagalpur jail. The journalist Rajdev Ranjan wanted to expose Shahabuddin’s ties with crimes, but Rajdev Ranjan was shot down.

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