When Dabholkar Kneels Down Before Rajiv Dixit In A Debate

An inquisitive conversation between eminent Swadeshi Campaigner Rajiv Dixit and So-called rationalist Narendra Dabholkar unravels the dogma created by Dabholkar.


Eminent Swadeshi Campaigner and the Nationalist & Rationalist in real sense Late Rajiv Dixit had several opportunities of the meet, converse and argument with the So-called rationalist, anti-superstition activist Late Narendra Dabholkar. Rajiv Dixit, well-known for his logical reasoning and inquisitive mind, inquired a lot about the activism of Narendra Dabholkar. The following conversation between him and Dabholkar exposed the propaganda of his Maharashtra Andh-Shraddha Nirmulam Samiti (ANiS).

Rajiv Dixit: What are the objectives of your ANiS?
Narendra Dabholkar: We work to eradicate the anti-superstitious activities, and blind faith prevailed in our society.
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RD: Where does the limit start or end to the faith to be called as Andh-Shraddha? According to you,  What do you consider as Shraddha (the true faith) and Which act you will find being Andh-Sharadha (the blind faith), any boundary line that you have defined for this? 
ND: The activity that does not fall within the criteria of scientific temperament, is Andh-Shraddha (the blind-faith). 

RD: What is your measure that an act fits to be a scientific temper or delusion? What does define an activity as scientific temper?
ND: I follow the principal of latest Modern Science to judge the act to be a scientific temper. 

RD: If you determine the measure point/ idea of the basis for an action to be scientific temper by Modern Science imported from Europe and America, means if an activity is understood to be without scientific temperament, there in West, that would be same to be followed in India too?
ND: Of Course, Yes. 

RD: [Intent: In West where the societies are the highly egotistical irrational, full of the unrest, blind for materialism because they follow Modern Science.] Then who will buy your theory in India unless it prevails through propaganda campaigns? For that, you certainly need money and who will donate for you in India?
ND: We have FCRA registrations. US donators help us by providing the donation. 

RD presents his point: Why will American donors donate to us? It can not be without any hidden objectives. 

RD: What do you say about the blind following of orthodox principals of the churches, miracle telling in cathedral prayers? Could you please explain this in scientific terms?
ND: Speechless !!! (Murmured in the low decibel) Christian Society that does all are according to scientific temper. (Here, his biases gets exposed.)

RD: According to your rationalism theory, will it not be a blind faith that Muslims people pay tribute at Dargah and Mazars propagating it by the means of the miracle strings around the neck (Tabeez) for ailments and benefits in materialistic problems? 
ND: Interfering in this (act of Muslim belief) does not fall under the purview of my Samiti. 

RD: You have been a hypocrite in taking the stand against large-scale Christian public discourse program, showcasing of the miracle telling. Is it not you double conduct?
ND: No Answer !!! (His face turns frantic.)

RD presents his point: He and his fellow have always been of saliva-dripping to gain proximity to Maharashtra government for their law-draft?

Disclaimer: Conversation described above is compiled from an archival speech of Rajiv Dixit Ji, quite before of his conspired death when the draconian law of Andh-Shraddha Nirmulan Act was under to propose before Maharashtra Govt. Hence many reservations raised in the speech are in the context of then's significant movement by Sanatan Sanstha, Varkari Sect, Jain Community and other Hindu Activists and these may have little-moderated in passed bill after that, So it may not be aligned but still, the given act seems harmful on the ground of biases towards Hindus. 

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