Poor Digvijay Equates His Relation With Zakir Naik To Modi's With Asaram Bapu

He too attended the Satsang programs of Sant Asaram Bapu On Several Occasions.


Surrounded by the raised questions over his involvement to support the terror preacher Zakir Naik and being his Shantidoot, Digvijay Singh tried to play a foul by shifting his blemish when he equated his case with Narendra Modi who has endorsed Sant Asaram Bapu. He shared a video of 2012 Narendra Modi speaking at Sant Asaram Bapu's program.

But his defence argument proved vain when the followers of Sant Asaram Bapu released his video speaking at the stage of Sant Asaram Bapu. Besides, one photograph of him was also released in that he is sitting at the feets of Sant Asaram Bapu. 

Digvijay Singh who intended to target PM Narendra Modi by Modi supporting the 'rape' accused. The reality is this many of our politician from various parties were used to go to Sant Asaram Bapu Program. This list of politician includes severals from Congress too like Motilal Bora, Ashok Gehlot, Kapil Sibbal. Salman Khurshid has fought his case.  

Acting like the stooge in public life, how morally he is fit to make such comments? He should introspect himself.  His "Tanch Maal" comment is still fresh. Digvijay Singh must not forget how his party government played a pivotal role in conspiring to arrest Sant Asaram Bapu. It is very unmindful by him to compare the issues and he must learn that Sant Asaram Bapu is not a terror preacher. People like him have been involved in implicating Hindu Gurus. He were the one of them who created a ghost 'Saffron Terror' to appease to minority politics. 


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